8-1 DJ and Hoff: The Last Hurrah

The final edition of DJ and Hoff essentially started with 20 minutes of Jason Garrett talking. I cut that part out and replaced it with a funny 2 second edit of Jason Garrett talking. You're welcome. 

During the rest of the show we talked about the Rangers, the Cowboys and had some fun at each other's expense. We also talked with Amin Elhassan and Adnan Virk before I say goodbye.

4-18 Mavs Magazine

The playoffs are here!

OPEN - "A Season of Change"
2:20 - Three Things I'm Looking For
11:30 - Chuck Cooperstein, Voice of the Mavs
26:00 - Amin Elhassan, ESPN NBA Front Office Insider
36:13 - Tim MacMahon, ESPN.com Mavs Reporter
46:24 - Calvin Watkins, ESPN.com Rockets Reporter
56:30 - Mike Tirico, ESPN
1:12:46 - Closing Thoughts

11-22 Mavs Magazine

11-22 Mavs Magazine on 103.3 FM ESPN:

Seg 1: How Dirk creates alley-oops and thoughts on Kobe
Seg 2: Amin Elhassan - NBA reclamation projects
Seg 3: Amin Elhassan - What's wrong in Cleveland?
Seg 4: Amin Elhassan - Kobe Bryant's comments on contracts