Thanks, Mike & Mike

When I was a child, Mike & Mike was a part of my morning routine. I was roughly in 5th grade when the radio show I had listened to before it left my local dial moved to TV on ESPNNews. In whatever year that was, cable boxes were fairly new and the standard wasn't to have them on every TV like it is now. A cable box was meant for the main TV in the house, which for us was downstairs in our living room. ESPNNews was only available on the TV with the cable box.

That meant every morning I would wake up, as quickly as I sleepily could, gather my clothes and meander downstairs. I would get dressed in the living room so that I could watch more of Mike & Mike. I'd then make breakfast (hopefully timed to a commercial break) and then move back to the living room and eat it. Not watching was not an option.

As the years went by Mike & Mike's reach spread, and so did the number of cable boxes in my house. I kept watching through high school and on into college.

In college, I found radio for myself. I was hosting talk shows essentially on the foundation of what I had learned from Mike Greenberg. As I developed my style and grew on that foundation, there were other shows that probably had a bigger influence, but there is zero question the foundation was laid by Mike & Mike.

As I advanced in my radio career, two of my most influential mentors were former Mike & Mike producers. Eventually I got to intern at ESPN and made it a point to spend a morning on their show. I wish I had some memorable story of our interaction, but it was 6am and the guys were getting ready to work. They were nice. They let me watch. Greeny was eating an avocado. Then suddenly it was show time.

Whether it was listening to them, watching them or learning from the people they've touched, I doubt I am where I am today without Mike & Mike. That sounds heavy. It is true. Congrats on an incredible run and best wishes to what's next. Just moments ago I watched Greeny and Golic sign off with a "thank you." All I could think was, "no, thank you."