Where To Find Me This Week

Hello readers of the blog. I have good news. I have work this week.

I'll be on both radio and TV this week locally in Washington, DC and St. Louis. What?! St. Louis? Yes, St. Louis!

First, the TV will be tonight (Monday) on Channel 8's SportsTalk. I've been a guest before. It's a wonderfully fun time. I'll put on a suit. It'll be a delight. Thank goodness I got a haircut last week.

The radio gig is literally four years in the making, even though it'll only last two days. I'm lucky enough to have a relationship with the wonderful people at KMOX in St. Louis, truly one of America's great radio stations. KMOX is "America's Sports Voice" and has been for damn near a hundred years with the likes of Jack Buck and Bob Costas. Clearly that reign comes to an end Wednesday when I set the whole thing on fire.

Kidding, of course. I hope...

I'll be anchoring the sports updates in afternoon drive on Wednesday and Thursday, as well as hosting "Sports Open Line" from 6:15-7pm on Wednesday. You can listen online here or on the Radio.com app.

There's more news to come soon. I'm not sure of the exact news and when I can share it, but this will more than do to start. Thanks to everyone who has read the blog and listened to the podcast. Your support has gotten me through a few months that has definitely lasted a few months longer than anyone thought it would. Onwards and upwards we go!