This Week: (Not With George Stephanopoulos)

A quick update as this week will be a little bit different in blog land. I've been doing two podcasts per week and mostly staying to the radio format, although I've had a few specials over the past few weeks. Podcasts in that style will return next week, or perhaps even on Friday.

The reason for the change is travel, and that travel will actually turn into some fun content! I'm heading to New York to tape the "Datt's What She Said" podcast with Alexa Datt on Thursday. I cannot wait to sit down and chat with her. She does a terrific job and I'm thrilled she asked me to be on the show. I'm not exactly sure what we're talking about yet, but I'd imagine we'll dive into the media industry a little bit, which people tend to enjoy. I'm guessing we'll talk about her beloved Washington Redskins too.

I'm heading up to NYC tomorrow though in order to head to an event I've wanted to go to for a few years now, the Steve Nash Foundation's "Showdown in Chinatown." Nash's team of athletes and celebs will take on a team headed up by Landon Donovan. My pal Marc Stein has told me about it for a few years and I'm thrilled that I'm getting the chance to go. The Nash Foundation has been nice enough to give me a credential, so I should be able to grab a few interviews which will either be compiled for your listening pleasure or put into quote form for a write-up on the event.

In the meantime, go go USA tonight in Houston! Here's to hoping Messi doesn't do Messi things and the old red, white and blue can pull this off. Perhaps a write-up on that tomorrow as I'm on the bus up I-95.

Thanks as always for reading,