Random Rumblings: May 5th

Happy Cinco de Mayo! A day that gives Americans the excuse to wear sombreros, eat tacos and drink tequila! Oh come on, guy! Don't be so cynical. Me? Cynical? Whoever said there was anything wrong with that?! Tacos are great. Tequila is great. Sombreros on white people? Questionable at best.

Jordan Reed gets extended

The Redskins and tight end Jordan Reed reportedly agreed to a 5-year, $50 million extension this morning. A reported roughly $22 of that is guaranteed. Reed is one of the best weapons in football, regardless of position, but has an extensive injury history including multiple concussions. This was a win for both sides. Reed gets money now. The Redskins make sure he can't hit free agency next summer. 

Reed's a special, special route runner. His combo of size, speed and precision basically makes him impossible to cover one-on-one. Linebackers and safeties have no shot at sticking with his speed and quickness. 

Corners are too small, but even late in the year last year he was juking them out of their shoes.

Reed is an elite red zone threat because he can do everything. He's lightning quick on slant routes if a defender protects against the fade. If the fade is there, the former basketball player (who is still apparently an exceptional pickup player) is winning the jump ball more often than not. He can do all of that from the tight end spot, the slot or outside. 

Johnny in Jail

Johnny Manziel was arraigned this morning on misdemeanor domestic violence charges and he apparently thinks that's funny. Yesterday, Manziel tuned himself in and took a mug shot. He joked on Twitter "at least I had a shirt this time" referring to his last mugshot following an arrest in college. 

He quickly deleted the tweet, probably after being told to do so by his attorney, but the fact that he put it out there at all is another sentence in the story of his demise. I thought Manziel would be fine when he got to the NFL because he always seemed to know what was right. He would screw up, but say the right things after. He knew what to do, but didn't seem interested in actually doing it because he was a kid and didn't care.

That was obviously a gross miscalculation. Manziel is something beyond immature and truly thinks he's bullet proof. He no longer even bothers saying the right things, instead saying it's everyone else who has it all wrong and his self-destructive behavior isn't a problem at all. Multiple people have tried to get through to Manziel, but it seems the only way to get inside his brain is to tell him what he wants to hear.

The tweet, which completely disregards the seriousness of the situation, is right on character for former quarterback. He's no longer a football player. He's a man accused of kidnapping, threatening to kill and hitting his ex-girlfriend so hard that he ruptured her ear drum.

I'm not sure how he's not facing multiple felony charges, but it would seem it's because the DA thinks he's more convictable on these. If he is found guilty, he could face up to a year in jail. Maybe then he would hit rock bottom, but trying to predict how the world will turn for Johnny Manziel is a business I have no interest in.

Frank Vogel

The Pacers have decided not to renew the contract of coach Frank Vogel. This seems like a pretty obvious mistake. Vogel is an outstanding coach. Allow me to present you his resume:

  • Took team whose second best offensive player was Lance Stephenson to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

That's it. That's all you need. There's an argument to be made that David West was the second best offensive player on that team, but Lance and his basketball pants certainly was the second best shot creator behind Paul George and taking a team with that limited of an offensive arsenal to the NBA's final four is pretty remarkable. 

Vogel helped develop Stephenson into something useful. He helped develop Roy Hibbert into an all-star. He developed Paul George into a superstar, twice! He's a great defensive coach, a terrific talent developer and some NBA team is going to be very lucky to have him. 

The Rockets will certainly be interested after losing out on Scott Brooks. The Wizards pushed hard to sign Brooks before the Rickets were eliminated, and thus in the mix. They probably regret that decision on some small level, or at least they should. Vogel is a better coach. 

The Knicks should absolutely want Vogel, but given he's not a triangle guy, Phil Jackson probably won't look at him. He's the exact guy I would want in charge of Kristaps Porzingis's development. The Kings should push hard too, although Vogel will likely stray away from the NBA's biggest dumpster fire.