The Greatest Catch Ever

It is the greatest catch any of us have ever seen.

What makes it so great is that there is zero luck involved. It is pure, raw unadulterated skill. None of us could get lucky and make that catch messing around in the backyard. We're not athletic enough. We're not flexible enough. Our hands aren't big and strong enough and neither are 98% of NFL wide receivers. There may be five guys on earth who could make that catch and last night, one of them did.

I mean he freaking caught that. If you think of the best catches in football history, David Tyree's Super Bowl 47 catch immediately comes into play, as it should. It was remarkable. It was significant. It was also lucky as hell. The ball got pinned on his helmet. If you could jump as high as Tyree can, you can recreate it. "The Immaculate Reception" will likely happen in a backyard or two as families play football together this Thanksgiving. Good luck recreating this:

Lynn Swan, Santonio Holmes, Mario Manningham and many others have catches more significant. None of them have ever had a catch more spectacular. I watch Dez Bryant every week. He's done some of the most incredible things I've ever seen. He's never had a catch that good.

Simply put, it was the greatest catch in the history of ever.