Hoffman Uncut (Tess Boyer)

I watch nearly 100% sports on television. Why? What could be better than real drama? I don't need writers. I don't need scripts. My drama comes naturally through sports. That's part of the reason I also got hooked on "The Voice" on NBC. It's a brilliantly put together show and just like the sports I watch, there's elite talent. It's not "American Idol" where part of the fun is people who are really, really bad. It's a show that takes the cream of the crop of undiscovered artists and pairs them with established superstars who take them to new heights. It's so well done and you become invested in the journey of the artists.

One of those artists was Tess Boyer in season 6. She bounced around between three different coaches thanks to being put in battles against singers that would wind up in the final three and made the decisions tough along the way. She eventually bowed out of the show and has been on the run ever since. I caught up with her in St. Louis at the Cowboys vs Rams game and we decided to hop on a call and talk about the show, what she's been up to and what's coming down the pike.

An overwhelming takeaway from the discussion is when Tess describes the scene in the hotel rooms where the contestants would play original things they'd written. She said the quality was stunning. It's music that should be on the radio. Instead it's buried below record label and corporate radio red tape. The show has produced incredible artists who are putting out seriously good music, yet it hasn't hit the charts. Here's to hoping that changes soon, because right now that's quality art that's being flat out wasted.