Random Rumblings - 1/6/13

Life Update (if you care)

The tales of the wandering nomad continue. What a weekend. A quick update on the job front as I know some read to keep up with me. For those that read for semi-intelligent takes or bad jokes, skip ahead.

I had an amazing weekend in Connecticut. On Friday I had 5 meetings with ESPN. They were really more networking meetings than interviews as the powers that be there don't think I'm ready for that level yet (duh, I'm 22) but the meetings were very productive. Again, I can't thank all those that believe in me and have helped any way they can over the past month of my job hunt. I think we're getting close.

I then got to hang with my friend Caroline in Storrs. Wait. Caroline in Storrs? Like the basketball player? Yes. That Caroline. I mention this not to say "oh look at me, chillin with athletes" I could care less that she hoops past that a deep love of the game of basketball is something we have in common. If she wasn't a cool person, we wouldn't be friends. I bring it up to simply marvel at how ridiculously cool technology is. I have friends literally all over the country and I'm as close with people like Caroline as I am friends from school or home. That's pretty amazing since we had previously met in person once. Yet, because we can text/Skype/Facebook chat so easily that its easy to stay in touch. Nothing replaces face-to-face communication and quality time spent in person with friends and family, but being to maintain long distance relationships sure is, for lack of a better word, cool.

Down Goes #1

On Saturday, I got to see Caroline and her girls take on Notre Dame. It's I guess that at this point, I put the required disclaimer that I'm biased. I was there as a fan, rooting for my friend and her team in a UConn women's basketball shirt. Also this disclaimer: I would do it again this year and as long as she's involved with the team. Other than that, from any Cuse alum, this is completely against the rules. So, while I'm biased to Caroline and thus UConn, I think I'm capable of being biased and right. So some analysis from what was one hell of a game:

UConn lost by one as Skylar Diggins was money in the second half for the Irish. Early in the game Caroline got hurt and not long after Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis got bumped and bruised as well. Both continued to play, but if they're not hurt I think the game plays out differently.

For one, UConn's best stretch was the start of the second half when Caro was back in the game after sitting the entire first half post-ankle roll. She was running point which moved Bria Hartley off the ball and on a couple possessions she was able to take Diggins into the post. Stephanie Dolson was also able to get post touches. The offense was efficient and the defense was solid. If Geno had played Caroline more in the first half (she was good to go, but held out for precaution) and the offense functioned similarly, I don't think it's a game down the stretch. As for Mosqueda-Lewis, she had a wide open look for the win in the final seconds and the shot came out flat. If her legs had been 100%, perhaps that shot falls. Instead the Huskies did.

The biggest question following the game had to do with Connecticut's offense down the stretch. Breanna Stewart seemed to be taking way too many shots. I think she probably took a few too many but overall was getting good looks and just missed. Clearly the speed and strength of an elite opponent was too much for the freshman at times, but in the end Geno apparently thought that was his best option. Stefanie Dolson couldn't get post position all night - Notre Dame fronted her and
always had a help side defender in place to prevent the lob. Bria Hartley was covered by perhaps the nation's best perimeter defender in Diggins and Masqueda-Lewis wasn't at full strength. This left the ball in the hands of the ultra-talented frosh. She overall got make-able shots, but sometimes basketball is a simple game: Stewart missed shots while Diggins hit some ridiculous ones and the Irish emerged

Instantaneous Random Rumble

I'm typing this on my iPad on a plane. I'm flying Jet Blue. I'm also listening to some music. Current song in the mix I'm playing "Racks"...yes this does mean I'm now singing "snacks on snacks on snacks" as I get my second bag of blue chips.

Marrone to the NFL

Bigger article on this topic is in a separate post and a Fizz post is coming on one of his possible replacements, but I need to re-iterate this: anyone who says Doug Marrone lied about Syracuse being his dream job is an idiot. Syracuse was his dream job, but he got it and he dreamed a new dream. It's called ambition. It's what makes successful people successful. It's the audacity to reach your dreams, dream new ones and chase them.

I'm not saying Marrone ever had an eye on the NFL and I don't think he initially took the job thinking it would be a stepping stone. In fact, I think if you told him he would be at Syracuse for less than 5 years, he would've looked at you like you we're an alien. Five years ago, I was a 150 pound high school senior bound for MTSU to be a music producer. Now I'm a less scrawny (aka jacked...okay not really) unemployed Syracuse grad looking in the mix for a major national sports radio gig. Circumstances change. That's how the world works.

Kobe on Twitter

Kobe Bryant has joined Twitter and we already have gotten a peek into the Mamba's mind. He's a psychopath and I mean that flattering. Every game drives him, even 17 years in. The Lakers are struggling and Kobe's not happy. This is a man who's played with a multitude of injuries from bum knees to broken fingers so the fact that Dwight Howard's back is allegedly holding him back is quite frankly pissing him off. Pissing him off more though is unquestionably Dwight's attitude. This brings us back to twitter, where Kobe was psychopathically introspective after a recent game (keep in mind, we're in early January in a regular season that runs through April). Not caring and not worrying isn't in Kobe's nature and it is Dwight's. Add that to Mike D'Antoni's stubborn cluelessness on how to use Pau Gasol and the Lakers could be in real trouble.

Until next time, Mamba out.